Expert Writing Guidance for as Little as
19.2 Cents/Day

Receive a new business-writing blog post each week; something practical that you can incorporate into your writing and speaking; also something you could use to help others improve, too, when the post becomes the centerpiece of brief, but effective “brown-bag” discussions. Want more? You got it! Immediate access to every Bachner on English post there is, each catalogued by category and tags. And, if you have a question John has not yet addressed in a post or in an FAQ, just ask John! Send him an e-mail to explain your issue and he’ll get back to you as quickly as he can. Most of John’s posts are written in a memorably humorous fashion. It’s a great way to spend two or three minutes a week to improve your working knowledge of English, especially for business purposes. Click here for samples.

Here are the per-person rates, varying by the number of persons a subscriber – like a firm or department – is paying for:


Individual $85/year (23.2 cents/day)
Organizational 1-10 Persons $85/year (23.2 cents/person/day)
Organizational 11-50 Persons $80/year (21.9 cents/person/day)
Organizational 51-250 Persons  $75/year (20.5 cents/person/day)
Organizational >250 Persons $70/year (19.2 cents/person/day)


To enroll people, figure out how many people and the annual charge for each. Click here to fill-out the overall sign-up form. Then, once you’re paid for the year, tell staff members whom you want to receive the form to sign up. Encourage all staffers to read each new post. Encourage them to read prior posts, too. Encourage them to review the FAQs as well. And encourage them to contact John when they have a question they believe he can answer. One month before your annual subscription expires, we’ll let you know we’re renewing it automatically, unless you prefer to not renew.

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